Social Media Planning Made Only for

Facebook Events

A robust amount of features built especially for event marketers. Popular social media tools like Buffer, Hootsuite or Sprout Social don't support posting to Facebook Events at all.

Posting is the key for connecting with

Facebook Events Subscribers

After acquiring Event subscribers you need to spread the word about your Event.

It's important to post to each upcoming Event.

But it's a lot of work to prepare content for all Events:

  • It's good to post 1-2 reminders to each Event per week.
  • An average concert tour contains about 80 events.
  • Average announcement period: 4 months before an event.
  • 4 month x 4 weeks x 1.5 posts/week x 80 events = 1920 posts.

With Event Marketing Toolbox custom and reminder posting you can produce posts 100 times faster than with Facebook.

Custom posting:
schedule posts to any number of Facebook Events

Multi-Event posting

Stop manually posting to each Event. Schedule content at once. Great time saver for promoting a series of Events like Concert Tours, Sports Games or Education events.

Compose one post customized for dozens of Events

Use tags for city, dates, addresses, ticket link to make each post unique.

Mention Pages

Each time you compose a post about a performer, venue or event partner don't forget to mention their Facebook Page. Increase engagement mentioning Pages.

Media assets under control

Use only approved photos for posting. Share media across a selected number of Events.

Posts that drive ticket sales

Add "Buy Ticket" button to YouTube or any external website.

When you post any external link (like YouTube video or a Pitchfork article), instead f a link to your website or ticketing partner, you drive your audience away from ticket purchase.

Event Marketing Toolbox can wrap those links within a frame with information about your Event and your ticket link.

Examples: Pitchfork article and YouTube Video.

Use your own link shortener

When you post anything via Event Marketing Tool, each link is wrapped within '' URL to count clicks. It's like You can change this to your custom domain name: →

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